Inset TLOF Heliport Light

Light to defining the perimeter of the Touchdown and lift-off area of any kind of heliports: surface-level, elevated and shipboard heliports. Green steady; Inset.

SEGS24HG30_I - Heliport light TLOF-M1_24SC: Single, TLOF - Touchdown and lift-off area lighting system. Inset light; Green Steady.
Order CodeTLOF-M1_24SC
Lamp ID:


Light Type:Heliport TLOF
Light source:LED
Type of beacon:Steady
Colour:Green according to CIE Chromaticity Boundary
Light Intensity:>30 cd (10%, 30% and 100%)
Input voltage:24 Vdc
Power consumption:6 W
Material of the body:Die cast aluminum alloy copper free
Material of the transparent cap:Borosilicate glass

Download the PDF data sheet.

Download the technical data sheet in PDF format with complete information and technical drawings.


  • designed and manufactured in Italy
  • extremely low power consumption

  • very easy installation / plug ‘n’ play connections

  • 360° horizontal coverage

  • no maintenance required over service life (up to 100.000 hours)

  • wide range of operating temperature range: -40 C° to +55 C°


  • use as a stand-alone light or in a multiple light system with Clampco Sistemi control board
  • Telemetry© remote management (with Clampco Sistemi control board)


  • rooftop heliports

  • surface-level heliports

  • helipads on offshore platforms

  • helidecks on shipboards

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