Why Clampco Sistemi


We could talk your ear off about how experienced and knowledgeable we are, but that wouldn’t make us any different from anyone else using this reason to convince you.

What truly sets us apart is our speed.

We respond to your requests and help you find the right solution, in adding to manufacturing and delivering this same solution, all in record time.

Contact requests

20per day
  • Managed requests
    per day (average) 

First response

  • Time needed to
    provide a response 

Delivery time

  • Time needed to
    deliver standard products 

Custom solutions

  • Time needed to
    provide tailor-made solution *

*Tailor-made solutions: 2 weeks (discussion with customer), 1 week (design review), 4 weeks (production and shipment).

Why Clampco Sistemi


Since 1989, we have been helping customers meet the day-to-day challenges of obstruction lighting operations worldwide.

We don’t just sell products, we solve problems.

We design complete aircraft warning light solutions and help our clients to strictly adhere to the end user’s technical specifications and delivery times. Our solutions serve markets that include telecommunications & broadcast, building & construction, as well as heliports and specialty applications for oil & gas.

Our success is measured by the success of our clients.

Why Clampco Sistemi


Clampco Sistemi is a business unit of Calzavara SpA and the company business system helps us pursue excellence and leadership: the quality programme is constantly applied, continuously measured and rigorously implemented.

The management system, quality and certifications are not just pieces of paper, but proof of a continuously-updated process that allows us to increasingly grow and exceed client expectations by offering products and services that comply with all the market requirements and scrupulously adhere to the highest quality standards.

UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2015

EN 1090-1

UNI EN ISO 3834-2

SOA – Public Works Execution Approval

BS OHSAS 18001 ed. 2007

UNI EN ISO 14001 ed. 2015

Why Clampco Sistemi


Our team consists of technicians, engineers and project managers who love their jobs; they design the best engineering solutions inspired by the principle of simplicity.

Occam’s razor is the principle of problem solving which states that “the simplest solution is always the right one”. This methodological principle is believed to be the basis of modern scientific though: the reduction of complexity is one of the characteristics of today’s technological innovation and the simplicity, for the same function, is always a recognized value.

Simple does not mean simplistic.

A great Italian, Leonardo Da Vinci, argued that “simplicity is the supreme sophistication” and Albert Einstein said that it is necessary “that everything is kept as simple as possible, but not simpler than is possible”.

We believe that simplicity is the form of true greatness and we strive towards this every day: to reduce complexity, by transforming it into good engineering. It’s in accordance with these principles that we coined our motto: “Good engineering always consists of the simplest solution“.

Clampco Sistemi Team
Good engineering always consists of the simplest solution

The Team

Pierangelo Lodolo
Pierangelo LodoloManaging Director
Giuseppe Menta
Giuseppe MentaBusiness Development Manager
Alberto Gervasi
Alberto GervasiSenior Sales Manager
Sandro Piccoli
Sandro PiccoliSales Manager
Barbara Blasutto
Barbara BlasuttoAfter Sales Support
Giulio Cecchia
Giulio CecchiaProduction Manager
Llewellyn Pecoraro
Llewellyn PecoraroProject Manager
Pierfranco Candolini
Pierfranco CandoliniSenior Engineer

Finding solutions and providing excellence

We are a team of engineers that is highly specialised in designing aircraft warning light solutions. Write a message and get in touch with us.