Inspecting and maintaining aircraft warning light systems is a strategic activity that requires time, resources and money, as the systems are usually scattered throughout the country and dedicated auxiliary staff must usually be relied upon to carry out this activity.

Telemetry© Monitoring System is a complex system that includes software components that run both on the device (Smart Control Board) and in the cloud (Telemetry Cloud Platform). The system reduces operating costs and significantly improves the system monitoring and inspection capacities.

  • Detects the status of all the components (lights, control boards, voltages, temperatures, etc.) of each system being monitored.
  • Identifies abnormal situations before they become serious problems.
  • Advanced features for remote diagnostics which reduce the frequency of inspections.
  • Remote communication via a mobile data connection.

“Smart” control board

The “smart” control boards operate the whole system, whatever the number of obstruction lights. It also integrates a wireless modem for mobile connectivity and a touchscreen onboard computer, through which it is possible to locally or remotely check the system, its status and perform diagnostic tests. Designed to work in Ethernet networks, the controller can be used as a standalone device or as a part of Telemetry Platform.

Generally the “smart” control board has the following functions:

  • electronic conversion from locally available mains to the obstruction lights operating voltage;
  • photoelectric switch management;
  • easy checking procedure of the whole system by the touchscreen onboard computer;
  • connectivity through 4G/LTE/5G (TCP/IP link to Telemetry Cloud Platform);
  • remote transmission of alarms, temperatures, etc, by SMS text messages.

Download the PDF data sheet.

Download the technical data sheet in PDF format with complete information and technical drawings.

Telemetry Cloud Platform

Obstruction lights produce many types of information, including telemetry, metadata, state, and commands and responses. Telemetry Cloud Platform collects data on large-scale systems in order to process this data and make positive impacts on aspects like increasing efficiency and productivity, reducing operational costs, increasing customer experiences.

Telemetry Cloud Platform has the following functions:

  • Web-based, intuitive, easy at first sight;
  • Multi-tenant aware with multiple and different user levels;
  • Remote monitoring and control of all asset (obstruction lights geographically scattered throughout the territory);
  • E-mail sending for alert conditions;
  • Status of the lights (on or off);
  • System condition (alarms, door open, battery voltage, temperature, etc.);
  • Option to perform diagnostic tests (turn the lights on or off);
  • Remote firmware update.

Download the PDF data sheet.

Download the technical data sheet in PDF format with complete information and technical drawings.