Customer: The largest operator of electricity transmission networks in Europe
Location: Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
Year: 2017

The electric transport network consists of high voltage lines suspended at a height that ensures electrical insulation and low electromagnetic fields on the ground. Because of the height, the power lines have to be clearly visible to ensure the safety of low-altitude flights, by painting pylons with white and red bands or by installing obstruction lights.

In 2016, the major independent operator of electricity transmission networks in Europe received all the permits for the construction of the Redipuglia-Udine power line, concluding an authorisation process that lasted for years. Immediately, they decided to accept a great challenge, to build the 380 kV overhead line over 40 km long, in just a few months.

The Redipuglia-Udine power line has been built in record time with a new type of single-pole tubular pylons. A section of the line develops near the Trieste airport and consists of 20 pylons that had to be adequately marked to guarantee the safety of air navigation. If, on the one hand, using obstruction lights makes maintenance easier and more efficient, on the other, it involves the assignment of personnel dedicated to their control and monitoring.

Our team of engineers accepted the challenge and completed the mission by providing,  in record time and budget, an innovative solution which made it possible to avoid both the painting of the pylons and the use of personnel dedicated to checking the lamps. In less than a year, we developed Telemetry, the platform to connect obstruction lights to the internet and, in just a few months, we installed more than 60 lamps (low intensity LIOLB-P1_xxS  and medium intensity MIOLAB-M1_48S) on the entire section near the airport. In September 2017, the power line came into operation with all the pylons adequately marked.

Yesterday’s challenge has become the today’s solution for all customers and, at the same time, it also represents tomorrow’s challenge. The Telemetry © platform is not a simple remote control system aimed at reducing operating costs, it is a platform which, by collecting large quantities of data from the lamps, introduces artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and machine learning functions, which can also provide predictive analysis of systems, that is the real challenge of tomorrow.